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Committed to our agents for the long haul.
Agent Testimonials

"WJW literally does EVERYTHING. We couldn’t imagine topping what they’re doing for agents and carriers alike which is unheard of Switching to WJW was a fantastic change and has been a relief since day one. From their hands on approach, cutting edge technology and unparalleled business ethics -- there’s no question we made the right decision. "
- Chris L.

"I have a national transportation business and my previous partner had a subpar front office that just wasn’t cutting it…I had to move forward to succeed. WJW was the only company that followed through with speed and professionalism. Their due diligence is extremely vital and they’ve helped me make money and grow my business quickly."
- Semos G.
Creating a Legacy for Agents at Every Stage

We believe growth can be maximized at all phases of the journey, which is why new agents and tenured agents trust our capabilities to help them do more for their customers. WJW not only provides a wealth of opportunity for those kickstarting their growth, we offer a one-of-a-kind Legacy Builder Program for professionals who want an exit strategy that will allow them to capitalize financially on the success of their relationships and their strong book of business.

Legacy Builder Program

A unique buy out offering for current agents or independent brokerage owners who are looking to reap the rewards of their tenured success.
  • 3-year agent transition program with WJW that easily merges your book of business to a successful new partnership with a trained shadow agent.
  • A structured exit path that offers a smooth path out of "running the business", continued opportunities for our current employees and a Legacy for the years of commitment to your business.
  • Market value for your business and flexibility for your exit.
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WJW Legacy Builder Program
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About WJW

As the company has grown, it has expanded its offerings to include dedicated equipment, freight management services, intermodal, flat, van, reefer, and specialized services. WJW brings the flexibility and dedication of a small company combined with the expertise and capability of a large one.
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