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Find a Load & Become a Carrier We Use

WJW Associate will keep your truck loaded
  • We will treat carriers with courtesy and respect at all times
  • We will never ask a carrier to violate any safety regulations or perform an unsafe act that will put the driver, customer, cargo or public in danger
  • We will provide opportunities to excellent carriers to help them grow their business
  • We will pay promptly and also provide quick pay solutions to alleviate the strain of cash flow for those times carriers need money now
  • We welcome single truck operators and small fleets that are looking to join a great organization to add capacity to our company

WJW’s valued partner carriers can sign up for notifications of available loads that fit the lanes they want. We also give our partners access to see the lanes we have available and submit offers to carrier these automatically. To become a partner carrier, just talk to your dispatcher. We value you and will do all we can to make you successful as a partner. WJW understands that your success is part of our success.

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