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3 Tips for 3PL: How to Handle Your Third-Party Logistics Sales

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There’s no doubt about it: pursuing a career in sales can be tricky, especially in the realm of third-party logistics. Even seasoned sales professionals need to revamp their approach every now and then. To make sure employees get the most out of their 3PL sales jobs, here are three simple tips to implement on your next sales call:

Be professional
This should go without saying, but all too often, those in sales positions will try to communicate with a potential lead on a level that is much too familiar. Of course, you want to have a nice rapport with your clients, but when you act like you’re old friends when you’ve never spoken before, this tactic can often backfire.

If you’ve worked with a client in the past and have connected on a personal level, it’s fine to inquire briefly about certain matters, but trying to force a connection on someone is never a pleasant experience for the person on the other end of the line. Those who are hired for and find success in transportation sales jobs soon discover that the best policy is to be polite and professional at all times. Business calls are just that: business. Although charm can be an asset in a sales position, be sure to always remain polished and proficient.

Be upfront
Don’t try to mask the reason you’re calling with general questions or by avoiding direct answers. From the start of the call, you should introduce yourself as a transportation broker or salesperson, say where you’re calling from, and state your business in a straightforward way. Again, charm can be helpful, but more often the caller will respect you for being direct about your reason for calling. If they don’t require the services of a transportation brokerage company, you will save both yourself and the caller a lot of time and frustration by thanking them for their consideration, ending the call in a pleasant way, and moving on to another viable lead.

Personalize your pitch
But remember: just because you need to be direct and professional doesn’t mean you can’t bring your personality to your pitches. All 3PL sales jobs require superior communication skills, a persuasive nature, a go-getter attitude, and great instincts about other people.

If you sound like you’re reading from a script, your lead will probably tune out. For all types of 3PL sales jobs, you’ll benefit from tweaking and tailoring your pitch to fit your potential client’s needs. It can be a fine line to walk between charming and smarmy, and the most skilled transportation brokers and salespeople know that the key lies in honesty and aptly changing your tactic from lead to lead.

A third-party logistics sales position can be demanding and complex, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. The Department of Labor estimates that truck drivers will account for 43% of the growth in logistics jobs in the years to come, and this massive industry remains as important as ever to the American way of life.

If you’re a dedicated employee who enjoys connecting with people in a challenging way, contact us today to learn more about available 3PL sales positions.

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