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Importance of Trucking in America

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In the United States, there are trucks everywhere. You see them driving around all throughout town, on the expressways, and everywhere in between. It’s big business in America, and it always has been. Freight companies who ship by truck, and work out of warehouses and other storage facilities, employ nearly 9 million people. That’s almost 3% of our population constantly working to move our freight around.

The reason we need so many helping hands is simple: the United States economy depends on trucks to deliver a just about three-fourths of our country’s freight. Accounting for about 70% of our shipping practices in total, over the road trucking hauls over $671 billion worth of retail manufactured goods in any given year.

Any full-service trucking company, in many people’s imaginations, probably began to shrink in popularity as air travel and a “must have it now” attitude swept our marketplaces over the past decade or so. This couldn’t be any further from the truth! These companies are happily shipping more today than they ever have in the past. It’s also never been easier for customers and logistics professionals to find a truck to ship their cargo from point A to point B.

Long haul truck drivers and short haul truck drivers alike have a lot of job security going for them right now. It’s expected by industry insiders who have thoroughly analyzed logistical trends in America over the past several years that it will only continue to grow. As the manufacturing industry and our demand for goods and services increases, so will the number of trucks on the road bringing them to our local retail outlets.

That’s one of the chief benefits of becoming a truck driver. There is probably never going to be a shortage of freight in America. In fact, there will probably always be a copious amount of it, driving our workforce to deliver billions of tons of goods right to our doorsteps.

If someone you know may find interest in learning more about over the road trucking, feel free to share. A full service trucking company may be a perfect fit for them.

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