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What its really like to be a truck driver

truck driving jobs

The transportation industry in the United States is a profitable one, and across the nation, the number of professional truck driving jobs are increasing. In fact, employment in the field is expected to grow as much as 5% by 2024. If you are currently searching for truck driving jobs, here’s what you can expect.

Truck drivers don’t have set starting hours. For this reason, drivers have the ability to design their schedules to their liking. Some drivers start their day early and move with the light. On the other hand, other drivers prefer to travel through the night.

Over an eight-day period, you may work as many as 70 hours. However, once you have reached 70 hours, you must take a full 34 hours off duty. The 70-hour limit could be met within a 14-hour day period. If you choose this method, you are not permitted to drive for more than 11 hours in a day. Your “Hours of Service” must end with a 10-hour break.

Each year, most drivers are expected to cover 125,000 miles. That is equivalent to 2,500 miles a week, or 500 miles per day.

Typically, compensation for drivers is calculated by the mile. Some companies pay their drivers hourly. The general rule of thumb is that delivery drivers only get paid when he or she is making a delivery.

It is common for drivers to not know their salary until the end of a year. On average, a first-year driver earns about $35,000 per year, $45,000 their second, and $55,000 thereafter. If you decide to become a trainer, volunteer to haul oversize freight, or if you are paid by the load, your salary will increase.

As a truck driver, you will perform one of two functions. These are either “drop and hooks” or live loading and unloading. Each can take two to three hours to complete. Truck drivers are not usually expected to unload any freight. They must, however, rely on various shipping and receiving departments to observe their strict schedule.

Trucking companies, warehouses, and private sectors within the trucking industry employ around 8.9 million people. There are many benefits of becoming a truck driver many people do not know. Consider the above information and find truck driving jobs with WJW, a full service trucking company that takes pride in its drivers.

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