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Sales Focus: Don't sell WJW, Sell a better idea for your customer

Sales is a difficult game. If it was easy everyone would do it. People in sales usually are paid well and those that are able to sell effectively generally will always be welcome or able to find a new home easily. The question is what makes a good sales person. There are enough books available and enough theories to tell us all that there is no magic recipe. Different styles, different techniques and different strategies all can be successful. There are still some truths, though, that are important to keep in mind when thinking of sales.

Too often we worry about our position. We cannot put ourselves in the mindset of our prospect or customer. We are so eager to tell others what we know and to have them acknowledge our expertise we often miss the pressure point for the buyer. What is it that makes a buyer of our service tick? For too many of us we want to tell us the buyer, “This is the what you need.” Our own inflated sense of our solution gets in the way of what the buyer needs to hear to feel compelled to move forward. Instead of offering direction to the buyer based on how great our solution is, it is often much better to simply offer a story about a competitor. Peer pressure is very real. It is very much alive and it is very much powerful with your customers.

What experiences do you have with a customer that is a peer of your prospect? What insight have you gleaned from that customer that you can share to make the job of your prospect easier, more effective or more efficient? It is important to start learning from what you have in order to help prospects SEE how it can be applied to them. If you are not learning from your own customers experiences, you are not improving your customer’s experience. If you are not improving their use of our service, how are you going to improve someone else?

I read a good quote recently that said, “High-level buyers want to talk to people who know more than they do. They hunger not for information but insight.” What about your pitch is providing an insight? What about your pitch is making the buyer think differently? When confronted with objections do you view that as a stumbling block or request for more information and clarity from you? Are you using what you know to make that prospect better at his job?

As a sales person you are not selling widgets at the lowest price. You are providing an important service that your buyer wants to make his job easier. Start preparing to sell and executing to provide not just a service, but knowledge to your customer.

  1. When preparing to speak with a prospect or when first speaking learn as much as you can about their job and the method of execution in their work space
  2. Think about the customers with whom you currently work and who is similar in nature
  3. Define how WJW’s approach is relevant to your prospects operation and how it can IMPROVE the life of your prospect (remember your prospect wants you to make him a hero, not just help him get through the day)
  4. Prepare to listen to objections and have information available to overcome them with insight and clarity
  5. Make the prospect realize he is missing out on improving his solution based on what his peers or even more successful companies can do
  6. Show him that WJW can provide the solution that pushes him and his role into a stronger position within the company by being better than he thought possible based on new insights

Ultimately, the prospect wants you to make him look better in his own company. Make him a star.

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