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Sales Focus: Results and Hard Work

In the past two days I have had two events that really struck me as something I wanted to emphasize. The first was a walk that I had. As a former athlete I still enjoy trying to be fit and working out as often as possible. That being said, as I age, my body is not always in agreement with the choices I have made. This past weekend I did some exercising that put a great deal of stress on my already bum knee. While still wanting to exercise, but not being able to run, I decided to walk during my son’s soccer practice.

For the record, you can pretty much count yourself as old if you are ‘going for a walk’ to get your exercise. While I expected very little from it, I still wanted to do something. What I found was that I could have positive results from walking if I gave enough effort. Using a heart rate monitor and program to help establish heart rate and calorie burn I ended up having a good workout because I tried to do the most possible with that simple exercise. By putting forth effort in the meanest of exercise benefits will still occur.

The same principle is active in our professional life. When we put the most effort possible in every little activity, we will yield results that will positively impact our overall professional health. What matters in our lives is the effort we put forth. Everyone heard growing up that whatever you do, do well. We may not have understood why that was important, but today, we should acknowledge it and embrace it. Whether we are putting in a load for someone to dispatch, calling on carriers to cover a lane, contacting customers to find freight…every little exercise impacts our own professional life and that of others around us.

If you are putting for the effort in the small parts of work…which is often the hardest to do…the rest of work becomes easy. Yes, it stinks to call the grouchy customer that give you freight, but if you do it with the intensity of providing the most outstanding phone call, perhaps the customer will change. When you give directions to the carrier you just put on a new load, your work finding the best route and providing clear information will benefit your customer as much as the driver!

Colossians 3:23 is the other item I came across yesterday that made me feel this message is so important right now. This verse says, “ Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” Not everyone is a Christian, but the sentiment, since I am a Christian, is of great importance to remember and live. Often times I fall short of that advice, but when I am fully engaged, fully dedicated and working to be successful in each small piece of work, I find I am a much happier and satisfied person.

All of our actions have impacts on everyone else. The more we do positively with a joyful heart the better we will be at work. Not only will be positively impact our co-workers, our service partners and our customers, but we will impact our own sense of self. When you work hard and find success through that work it bring you satisfaction…this will lead to more success…

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