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Sales Focus: The New ABC's of Selling

If you have ever seen the movie Glenngary Glen Ross you are very familiar with the ABC’s of selling.  The movie is based on the wonderful play by David Mamet of the same name. It details the difficult work environment of a real estate company in New York when the sales people are told that at the end of the day only the top two sales men would keep their job.  


In the movie from the 80’s the ABC’s of selling are Always Be Closing.  At one time it become a sort of moniker for sales people defining how sales was approached...In the movie the sales approach is a high octane, high pressure environment.  


Today, the new ABC’s of selling should be 

  • Attention: Attention to your customers perspective and needs. Know your customer.  Listen to them and understand what it is that is driving their buying decisions.  Also, get to know them! In today’s world it  is not always easy to develop relationships with targets, but it is an essential part of buying.  People want to buy from people they like and to do that, listen to your customer. 
  • Buoyant: When I think of sales it can feel like being in the middle of the ocean.  Sometimes you ride the waves to great heights and incredible speeds while other times you come crashing down and feel like you are drowning.  Other times you may be in the still of the ocean and just going nowhere.  Buoyancy is the ability to remain above the water.  Being resilient and being able to handle the ups  and downs of sales is key.  You have to be able to bounce back in sales without feeling overwhelmed.  
  • Clarify: Helping a customer understand what the value proposition has is the key to sales.  When a customer or potential customer says your price is to high, how do you clarify, not for yourself, but for the customer, what he is comparing?  The price is to too high compared to what/whom?  Perhaps our price is higher than Jim’s Trucking, but do you get online tracking via Truckertools, $1 MM in coverage on all brokered loads, daily updates with truck information, 24/7 personal support?  Helping to clarify exactly what is being offered is a basic of selling, but too often we just do not provide that clarity.

I still love Glengarry Glen Ross, but I think the ABC’s are just changing in our world today.  We still need to be Always Be Closing, but it is how we close that is the key to our success.  Knowing your customer, handling the rigors of sales and clarifying why people should choose WJW is always going to make that possible.  


One other thing that is still the single most important part of selling...YOU MUST ASK FOR THE BUSINESS.  Ask for the load, ask for a chance and ask for a chance to prove our service.  If you do not ask for the business and demonstrate you WANT the business, you will not get it.  


ASKING BRINGS CLOSING...perhaps that should be my new ABC’s?

Smart Way SCRA TIA Member
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