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Sales Focus: We are all Sales People

Some thoughts to share about sales...it is our lifeblood!

  1. The sale is not complete until the money is collected.  For WJW that is absolutely true.  Our current receivables are very high.  Each January it seems to slow, but the trend this year is very poor.  Collecting the money is central to what we do, but everyone that touches a load is absolutely a part of that process:
    1. The person inputting a load MUST make sure the right PO number, Shipper number or whatever other invoicing information that the customer needs is there.
    2. The person dispatching must make sure we are providing excellent service by communicating with customers and ensuring the proper attention is being paid to the details!  What if this load needs a scale ticket?  Is the dispatcher aware?  Is the driver aware?  Is the scale ticket included in the load after it is weighed?
    3. The person that processes the load has to ensure all of the information that the load entry and the dispatch should have is also there!  This is the final check before we present our invoice to the customer!
    4. Most importantly, the sales person is personally responsible for helping disseminate ALL of the required information to every stake holder.  The work of everyone else is dependent upon the communication of the salesperson to provide ALL information! 
    5. Collect, collect, collect!  When we are having issues collecting we need sales to focus and execute to get our money!
  2. We are a sales organization…everything we do is about sales.  From picking up the phone, to creating a load in the system with every detail correct to delivery to final bill presentation and collection…all of the touchpoints as an organization are part of a sale.  We should be professional and competent with everything we touch and we do.
  3. 10% more…how do we get 10% more out of our day.  How do we save 10% more on the cost of brokering a load?  How do we gain 10% more on a load we take from a broker?  How do we add 10% to the revenue of one of our trucks this week?  What can we do each day to squeeze 10% more from what we are doing?  If each person finds 10% more of productivity, improved margins or improved process the results will be exponential!
  4. Care!  Care about providing our customer your best each and every day.  Care about providing help to the other people in your office every day!  Care about making work a better, stronger environment!  Just try to care.
In closing, I want to just say thanks to everyone that works so hard here.  We did a lot in 2019 with the start of a new sales channel via the addition of Jeff and the agent program.  We continue to try and grow our own and continue to improve our company daily.  I think 2020 will see the results of a lot of the work in 2019! 
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As the company has grown, it has expanded its offerings to include dedicated equipment, freight management services, intermodal, flat, van, reefer, and specialized services. WJW brings the flexibility and dedication of a small company combined with the expertise and capability of a large one.
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