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WJW is excited to announce the purchase of Grady W. Shives Trucking, Inc in Statesville, NC. The deal was finalized on 31 March with an effective date of 1 April 2017.

WJW had been in discussion with Shives for the past 8 months and signed a purchase agreement in January. The 1 April date, no jokes regarding April Fool’s please, was the culmination of work between Shives and WJW. WJW is pleased that Wayne Shives, the previous owner, will be working as a consultant to assist WJW in the new market.

Shives has been in the NC market since 1966 and has the same standards of integrity and service that helped to make WJW so successful the past 38 years. The new terminal is filled with wonderful professionals that complement WJW and WJW hopes to provide more opportunities for them to grow and prosper.

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As the company has grown, it has expanded its offerings to include dedicated equipment, freight management services, intermodal, flat, van, reefer, and specialized services. WJW brings the flexibility and dedication of a small company combined with the expertise and capability of a large one.
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